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on December 22nd, 2011 at 1:20 AM you back when I had the chance.  Why didn't I see the fool I was being while you waited for me all that time.  Time and time again I let you slide away.  Now you've gone.  You're becoming the new woman you always wanted to be in your new apartment in the big city.  You have the job you've worked so hard for; you're growing into the amazing woman I knew you would.......and I've been left behind miles away watching, taking it all in. It hurts.  To look back on the incredible opportunity I missed being with you.  I know we really do belong together.  I was too busy worrying about not falling in love to realize I was in love.  I've had these feelings for you from the first day I met you.  It took this long to understand that what I really needed then, and now, was you.  It may be too late for us - but I await the day I can be near you, and show you the affection you deserve.  I can't make the same mistake again.

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