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H3LLl3OUND - 36-40 years old - male

Posted by H3LLl3OUND
on January 11th, 2012 at 1:00 PM

I am a converted misogynist. Females converted me. I was baptized in P.M.S. and idiocy.

Women are amazing beings but they refuse to accept their own potential. I am a Dom and believe that my chosen mate lives to serve me IN THE BEDROOM and not in every other aspect of life.

Women place themselves in ****** positions because they are emotional black holes. Most women are in short : Psychic Vampires. Only their fangs are much worse t han the garden variety. They make false threats, constantly try to control you, their jealousy knows no bounds, and MOST of them are emotional wrecks carrying around more baggage than the undercarriage of a greyhound bus making whatever male they are currently attached to pay for whatever crimes their past owners made.

They use excuses like, "He crushed my self esteem."

To quote Cat Williams: The word is "SELF" ESTEEM SIMPLE *****!!!!!

No one can crush it without YOUR EXPRESS PERMISSION!!!

Stop making every man in your life pay for the way Daddy touched you or the bones your EX broke!!!!

We didn't do it!!

You all have so much power and you waste it on such trivial, childish things that it sickens me!!!!


This is not a generalization!!!!!

Some amazing Valkyries truly know the power they have and make the most of it.

However, if you are the kind of **** who attempts to control your man by empty threats about his legal matters, or who, upon running into someone you truly dislike, tell them how great they are, how good it is to see them, how nice they look and so on and then the second they are out of ear shot call them everything book then you are probably the type of ***** I am talking about.

Women could easily rule the earth!

Too bad 99% of them -

C. ant
U. nderstand
N. ormal
T. hinking.

Use your ******* power!!!!

Stop making everyone pay for another's fuckups!

Stop selling yourselves short!

Stop making the magazine covers your goal appearance wise!

Be who YOU are and let those around you be themselves!


Start ******* acting like it!!!!

Look to YOURSELF for healing and appraisal and stop making everyone else in your path pay because they can't fill the emptiness inside that only YOUR OWN APPROVAL can.

If you don't want people to treat you like you should be a barefoot, pregnant, punching bag all your life then STOP ALLOWING IT!!!!!

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