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thesower - 51-55 years old

Posted by thesower
on January 19th, 2012 at 2:07 PM

Is our praying for peace focused in the right direction.
Maybe I'm not saying it right, but most of the world strives for harmony and peace.
The termoil that is on this planet is created when someone is deprived of an nessessity.
Or we want to say something that is important to us.

There is no unrest within peoples until they are truly hurt in some form or way.
People generally happy, we don't expect too much only to get paid what we are worth, a home and a safe environment.

The governments and a few dozen dictators over the years have started the unrest within peoples.
It's only a small % of the world's population that do that and makes havoc for th rest of us.
Most of it is greed but we can't change that, but while we are praying for peace, let's add to that to the removal of the leaders that we stuggle against. 

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