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outdoorfire - 22-25 years old - male

Posted by outdoorfire
on January 25th, 2012 at 11:40 PM

I cannot help it but I love Europe. I've had the privilege to travel quite a bit in my life and I've found myself in Europe a handful of times now. I sincerely try to make the most of the opportunities there, to travel around, see the sites, enjoy the scents, taste the foods, drink the beers, talk with the people.

There was a summer I spent some time in Sweden. I loved Sweden. It was beautiful, expansive, full of adventure and great culture! However I spent a week in a place and met a girl. I was there with a group of people, so I wasn't necessarily traveling alone. When we were there, we spent some time with this other group of Swedes, they were like our hosts. Well, I got to know this girl. She had the voice of an angel, full of passion and pure beauty. I think of her often, and stayed in touch with her for a long time. I never had the boldness when I was there to try to make anything of it, blaming it in my mind on the distance. How could a lad from the U.S. and a beauty from Sweden ever make things work out? I couldn't come up with how, so I never pursued it, I never pursued her.

We spent time making music together, me on the guitar, and her singing and on the piano. She's even sent me some of her songs over the years that she's written. While I can't understand the Swedish of them, they are songs of beauty listening to the melodic rhythm and beauty of her voice. She was a pure beauty - one of these girls who didn't need makeup or fancy clothes. She was fun, able to laugh, to talk easily, to share experiences together. She had an incredible beautiful set of eyes that warmed your heart and soul as you talked and walked.

I often still think about her.
Wondering what she's doing.

Thinking about that missed opportunity to connect with her on a deeper level. What if? A powerful question that never leads to anywhere positive, but so powerful you cannot help but ask it. What if? What if I took the step? What if I tried? What if I told her how beautiful she was. What if I told her how angelic her voice was? What if I told her how precious her smile was, and how it complemented the beauty of her eyes? What if?

Europe & missed opportunities.

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