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ICE4All - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by ICE4All
on January 29th, 2012 at 4:19 PM

I dont care for fancy names.  That is why I enjoy experience project.  It gives me something to do while I am doing something else.  Wheather downloading music or uploading a video or whatever.  It definitely helps pass the time.  Also, it is an online journal.  It helps me get things off my mind onto this screen.  For whatever reason, talking about something or thinking things through in a private moment or even just typing on an online journal really helps.  I do believe in journals.  I sometimes wonder if everyone should keep some type of journal.  It is real therapy.  It makes a difference.  I at first was setting a goal to see just how many post I could make before I transfered.  I wanted it to be in the hundreds but also each and every one of them being productive and not just a waste of space.  Experience project has so many post that I image the internet would almost run out of room or is force to expand.  I was told by a professor that the internet is about to implode or something of that nature.  He stated that the internet was never designed for vidoes.  It was designed for message traffiicing.  I dont know if I believe him.  He stated something that unless the internet was updated to the new demands made on it, it would just shut down.  LOL.  I also remember hearing one time that the internet was designed to survive a nuclear holocost.  It came around the same time as the cold war.  I am down to my last song.  Soon I will be downloading more.  LOL.  I also have a video uploading.  There are three very favorite videos on the internet that I watch repeadetly.  They are very addictive.  One is titled the most important image ever taken.  That is the one I am uploading right now.  It discusses the awesome images taken by hubble.  Some images are so powerful that it truly humbles you to your core.  Just how tiny we truely are.  We are as a grain of sand from the entire world.  That is just how small this one planet is to everything.  We humans have become so bound to this planet that this is all we know or understand.  It is just no wonder why we are so ignorant about so many things.  This is so true.  True to every aspect.  The other video is like it.  This one it titled the largest star ever discovered.  I puts a groups of stars together which are compared to one another in size comparison.  It starts off with our sun and goes on the the next super star and so on.  The largest star that has been discovered so far is a billion times the size of our sun.  Wow.  Last but not least is titled why I hate religion.  The guy talks the way I feel about religion and self rightous people.  If only I actually met this guy.  There are just as many self rightous people today as there was in the times of old.  Nothing has really changed.  Study your history to know what I mean.  LOL. 

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