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tawam - 36-40 years old - male

Posted by tawam
on February 2nd, 2012 at 1:52 AM

hey you know what i have small son 5 years old and we watch the same mvies and mind you at that tender age he knows that the movies we are watching is funny and he keep laughing and i was wondering i myself is enjoying it too.Really its amazing to see young and old do the same thing even at the Cinema alot of people watch cartoons movies and they enjoy it all.
i dont feel bad feeling that i do enjoy myself watching it,knowing sometimes we need to laugh and release our stress ans make ourselves kids again?hhhmmm i was just thinking why people is attracted to this when we all know what is really the outside world the reality its because maybe we wanted to feel that we are all humans and that no matter how hard the world is we still have time to think that if theres a will theres a way to,just like the ladies always talk about that theirs a ways and means...i plan to visit some place my son will enjoy for the reason that to open something that one day he will remember that its good to have close relationship with your parents no matter how ackward that may look like because 1 day you will realize that they just grown up and that they have dufferent lifestyle and want something different too....
well as im going home soon for a break then ill see to it that we will see places that we all enjoy and make it a memorable time together i love till then....

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