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RAWRimakitty - 18-21 years old - male

Posted by RAWRimakitty
on March 5th, 2012 at 5:43 PM

(i am no way, belive in any religion, even though i may some religious referances in this erotic fantasy)

I sit on her bed, naked with only wearing my tail attatched to a belt, my collar and leashed attatched to the bed. i shake my hips to wag my tail.
Suddenly upon hearing her footsteps, i wag my tail more and whimper for her.
she stands the bedroom doorway, wearing her boy shorts and t-shirt and a sinister smile.
Walking to the bed, she sits on the edge and pats wear she wants me to sit, i move to the spot and lay my head in her lap, she pets me softly and runs her hand over my tummy.

My mistress tickles alitle bit to her my giggles and and i begin to purr. She smiles and kisses my belly and I blush and wiggle my waist.

Then, she unties my leash from the bed and yanks leash dragging me to her. I whimper and she spanks me to move me forward to her lap.

She smiles and kisses my lips and pets my head then says "Pleasure me my pet'

I nod and blush, i pull down her shorts and panties with my teeth and stare at my goddess's sacred gate. (aka vigina)
 I kiss and happily purrs at her vigina, she arches her back slightly and bites her lip. Mistress opens her legs alowing me passage, i lick around the walls of her vigina and purrs into her.
She moans out how much of a good boy i am and grabs my butt. I then moan inside of her and she shivers with delight, a bit of liquid pours out and i lick happily sticking my tongue deep inside her, she closes her eyes and moans loadly, her moans sounding like an angel singing, her sacred love juice pours onto my face. i giggle and lick lit up happily. Yummy <3 ^-^
She pets my head and kisses my forehead..

"My angel" she says as she pets me

"My Goddess" i reply back <3  

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