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Water is too troublesome

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Vithus - 18-21 years old - male

Posted by Vithus
on March 23rd, 2012 at 12:46 AM

Im not sure when this fear began or why it applies everywhere with few exceptions, but I do know why. I have always been rather lucky to a greater extent but not in the normal sense. I get into troublesome situations but never get hurt; but that has very little to do with this confession. Water has never really agreed with me. Don't get me wrong; I love water but unless its a shower, pool, or water park, something bad happens within a few days. I have lived in Florida all my life, and as expected its rather difficult to avoid the ocean. My first memory of being at a beach involves losing my swim trunks, having to flush my eyes, and a shark. Given the fact that this all happened when I was around 3, it left a few images of annoyance. Since then my experiences with the ocean have been rather unfavorable... A flock of seagulls attacking, being caught in the middle of a school of flying fish, finding bite marks on a board which led to me giving up surfing before I ever began, and a few instances involving blood loss (glass, a barracuda, a coconut and once a frisby). Though that is just the ocean. As for lakes, that is somethig else altogether. I have only been in a natural lake once, however that led to a rather frightening run in with a snapping turtle (which was caught and cooked btw (my neighbors at the time were a rather odd group. cute daughter though (i was five))). Following that the only reason I ever went to a lake was to fish or just laze about (which also led to a rather troubeling account of my first fish caught and what became of it... (angel fish, at mother's friend's house, fed to his cat...)). As some may know, Florida has the Everglades; filled with snakes, various other animals and aligators. These animals are not limited to that area alone. Even southern miami has aligators no matter how rare the encounter is. I ran into a few at times.. Enough said. Added to various other events involving, geese, a swan, half a fish and a dead duck, it is not questionable what caused this limited hydrophobia. Don't get me wrong, I love the water and am an excellent swimmer, just not water with life in it (that isn't cute women in bikinis).

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