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richa12345678 - 22-25 years old - female

Posted by richa12345678
on March 31st, 2012 at 7:26 AM

I had one and only one gift what my ex gave me in my first birthday with him , It was a statue of one man and lady sitting together I know he gave it as formality and our "relation" was new then .......I kept it with the gift box covered by gift paper even , My family is strict and he was the only reason I lied to my mom first in my life , so I told my friends gave it to me ..........I thought of destroying it  after my break up , one night at 11:30   I opened it and tried to break it , OMG !!   It's so hard I couldn't break it by my hand and I couldn't make any noise because my dad was beside my room , So first I destroyed the gift box and that gift paper , cut into thousand pieces so that mom or anyone couldn't understand it  any worst situation .....and put in garbage box , when I couldn't break it , I suddenly thought of going out of my house in that night , I went to next room i.e dad's room , and found him sleeping was 12:00  then , I took the key of the collapsible door and went downstairs without making any noise , my heat was beating so fast , I have to come back without any problem , anyways I opened the door , I came out and locked my door from outside .........I was afraid of neighbors too , I didn't want any of then to see me at that time outside my house , I couldn't throw it openly to garbage near my house , so I needed to find one water tunneling opening , and I found one opening ........and it was not too far ........I dropped it there one and only one last and first memory ......I looked everywhere one was there , I rushed to my house and opened the door and went inside ......finally locked it from inside as it was and came upstairs very carefully ......and thankfully I found him sleeping then too .....I kept the key and went to my room , felt relaxed !!!!   All these event  happened within 5 -7 minutes , I cried a bit and I don't know when did I sleep crying ........

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