I had sex with my little cousin when I was young.

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Mysonbro - 18-21 years old

Posted by Mysonbro
on April 4th, 2012 at 12:13 PM

When I was young and about 10, my friends exposed me to sex. They told me it was called "*******" . Of course, I had no idea what that term was until they told me. My friend, specifically, one of my good friends, Ryan(Not his real name, I'm not giving any specific info) He told me he had sex. He told me it was at a family get together, when him and his older female cousin had had sex in the restroom. He said that he forgot to lock the door. The girl walked in when he was taking a bath. Apparently, instead of getting out, she had closed the door behind him and locked the door. (This girl is hot, he's shown me her in real life, and she even admitted she had sex with Ryan) Now that was just my words. These are his exact words, and yes, I remember exactly what he said: Then she locked the door behind her. I tried to say something, but she put her finger on her lips, and said shhh. Then she took off her clothes. She took them off really slowly, and she moved her body in a weird way that made me feel weird. Then I saw her boobies. They were small compared to my mommy's. Then she took off her skirt, and her panties. Her balls looked really weird, like she didn't have any. It just looked like an upside down triangle with little flaps on the bottom. Then she asked me if there was a towel here, then I said yes. Then she started walking really slowly to me. She got into the bathtub with me. I felt really weird, especially down near my ding dong. I was on one side, and she was on the other side. Her legs were longer than mine. She slid her foot up onto my legs, and she kept sliding it up and down on my inner thighs. My ding dong started to get hard. Then after, she stopped, and told me to stand up. I did, and she stood too. She was taller than me, and had long blonde hair. She told me to feel her boobies. I did. They were soft and squishy. My ding dong started to stand up, and it started poking her thigh. She told me to lick her boobies and her nipples. I did, and she started making weird faces. Then she asked me if I wanted to feel just as good as she did, and i said yes. So she kneeled down and started rubbing my ding dong. It felt really good. Then she started sucking and licking it. It felt even better. Then she asked me if we both wanted to feel good. I said yes and she got out of the tub. she wiped herself dry and gave me the towel, and told me to get dry. But not my ding dong. So i wiped down everything except my ding dong. She sat down on the sink table, and she opened her legs, like a baby looked when they are getting their butt butt wiped. She told me to put my ding dong into her *****. I asked what a ***** was and she pointed to her balls. I said thats a *****? Then she said yes. Then i said okay. Then i stood up and put my ding dong inside her. She told me to keep pushing it in and out. I did and it felt so good. It almost felt like she was sucking on my ding dong except it felt a little warmer and tighter. Then i felt a weird feeling in my ding dong, like something was going to come out, except it felt really good and it wasn't pee pee. She started making loud noises, and i did too. then she asked if i was *******, and i said whats *******, and she told me the good feeling in my ding dong. I said yes, and she told me to take it out, and *** all over her stomach. I did exactly what she said but i didn't know what *** was. Then she sighed and started stroking my ding dong really fast. Then I felt really good and then i peed on her stomach except it wasn't pee, it was white. Then she wiped it off and said don't tell anyone. I'll be back later. Then I got out too.
(Now I'm speaking)
I was so amazed, and my **** was hard too. I asked him if it was really true, and he said yes. Then I pondered in sex for the rest of the day.
Luckily, that day was a friday, when my little cousins usually come and spend the night. The oldest cousin (Reese) there was hot. Even for a 9 year old she was hot. But I didn't think it at the time, though. Like always, we all slept in the same room. Me, my sister, Reese, and the youngest cousin. Well, we all sleep in the same bed (It was a King sized bed, if you want to know. There was plenty of room.)
I was sleeping on one side with Reese, and the other two were sleeping on the other side. I waited for hours until I knew everyone was deep asleep. Then I took off my pajamas and only my underwear was showing. I started rubbing my thighs against hers. (All she was wearing was a shirt and panties.) I rubbed it, and my **** got hard, and it felt better than I thought. Then I decided that I wanted to go further. I went under the covers where Reese was sleeping and carefully inserted my hand under he panties. Oh, god. It felt so good to my hands, and I wasn't even the one getting groped. Then I felt a warm, sticky liquid. Then I got so horny and stuck my hand inside her panties. I started feeling her ***** and her *******. I took my hand out and tasted my fingers. It tasted like nothing, yet it tasted so good. I decided I wanted to go even further. I took down my underwear, and carefully moved my groin area over to Reese's face area. But what frightened me was that she woke up. She whispered my name. She put her hand on my hard ****. "is that your finger?" It felt good, but Was I frightened. I thought she was going to yell and scream, but I had an idea. I started rubbing her *****. She started making weird groaning noises. Just as Ryan had told me. Then she started rubbing my **** too. Then I stopped and said," Please don't tell anyone."
She said,"Dont worry , I wont tell anyone."

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