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Posted by Anonymous
on November 29th, 2008 at 6:18 PM

Perverted doctor

When i was a teenager i was very sporty playing football, rugby and cricket to quite a high-level for my age. Anyway during one rugby game i ended up straining a muscle in my thigh and from then on had consistent problems with muscle strains and injuries in my thigh and buttock muscles... So one weekend i ended up having to come off early in a game with loads of pain in my upper thighs and my bum muscles, and made an appointment at my local doctors.

So i go into see my doctor, a youngish quite good looking Italian guy, and explain the problem to him. So he got me to take off my trousers and boxers so he could feel and ***** the areas with pain. So i'm standing naked below the waist as he bent down behind me and he's pressing/squeezing my thighs and butt, asking me where it hurts. He stopped and thinking he was finished i started to pull up my trousers, but he stopped me saying he needed to apply this gel stuff to my muscles and might need to do an internal check.
So he rubs this gel over my legs and n my butt cheeks, then to my horror he started massaging my ******* with his fingers. Then he gradually slid 1 finger in, pushing it far inside and sliding back and forth. I felt him squeeze more gel onto my *** and suddenly a secod finger went in my ***. He sighed and then says to me 'Hmmm sorry young man but this positon isn't good for me to do an internal check, i'm afraid the best position is a bit embarrassing but is kind of necessary for a full check.' So he got me to kneel down all fours, basically in the doggystyle sex position, and kneeled down next to me. I found this a bit odd but he wa the doctor and i trusted him. Then he says to me 'Keep your upper torso as low as possible and shove your bum as high in the air as you can.' I did so and squeezing my bum affectionately he said 'Ah good boy, hold it there.'

With his lubed up fingers he pushed 2 fingers back inside immediately, and then started stretching the sides of my anus and then rammed a 3rd inger in. I actually started moaning and whimpering now, and to my relief he pulld his fingers out. And told me to get dressed, giving me a prescription for this cream which i was to apply to my thigh muscles and a little to my 'tight hole' as he put he it, and asked me to return in 2 weeks.

So back i went two weeks later, and this time was even worse. He ordered into the same position on the floor and after thoroughly lubing up his fingers and my bum entered with 1 finger as before, sliding it in and out rapidly. But stopping for a second he says to me 'i'm afraid today might be more uncomfy because i need to do a thorough internal check to make sure the muscles are thoroughly healed.' What he now did was introduce 3 fingers into my butt all at once and made no real pretence of genuine medical work, instead was fingering me and stretching my anus really far apart. With his fingers inside me still he said 'I'm going to need your help, because i need to get nice and deep inside you, so will hold your buttocks apart please?'. I dutifully did this and with glee he pushed a fourth finger inside and was really rubbng hard at my butts inner walls. i was breathing so hard and because of his actions started moaning, he said to me 'Don't feel embarrassed about if this feels good, i'm stimulating your prostate which can be a good feeling.' He pulls his fingers out and i thought he'd finished but now he says to me 'No just one more deep internal check and we're done.' Only this time his whole hand disappeared inside me, and i couldn't stop myself crying out and moaning. Turning round i looked at him and his face was a picture of perverted pleasure and he was just pushing his hand in and out of my butt.
After a few mnutes pumping away at me he stopped and telling me everything was fine ordered me out. Just as i was leaving he smacked my *** on the way out!
I kept this a secret from everyone and only told my doctor-wife about it a year ago, the trouble is i can't for the life of me remember the doctors name, and don't really know if i want to publicly persue it.

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  1. tjay1 - 36-40 years old

    Posted by tjay1 on November 29th, 2008 at 6:36 PM

    oh my god. I'm really concerned reading this story because i thought i was the only person something like this had ever happened to, but it appears not which makes me really worried about doctors in general. I'm a female and like you when i was a teenager my youngish male doctor took advantage of a 1 on 1 session with me to basically finger my ***. He first used it as an excuse to take my temperature and then essentially told me he had 'found' a haemorrage in my bum he promptly pushed three or 4 fingers up me. And he did this the next three times i went to the doctors. Its terrible and terrifying to know somebody else has had to go through life fearing/hating medical professionals as i have.

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User Apr 25th, 2015 at 7:16AM

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