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radams33 - 31-35 years old - female

Posted by radams33
on April 20th, 2012 at 6:43 PM

Yeah thats right, I love the TV show GLEE. And I wish I didn't. In fact I should hate it more because it remind me of all the stuff that I been through when I was in high school. When I was a teenager I went to three different high schools, went through so many stuff that I couldn't explain that both my parents considered strange ; isolation, depression, racism, weight issues, and so many bull ****. This TV show is NOT like any other if a 33 year old can relate to half to the stuff that most of these characters struggle with. I was going through these strifes, only I didn't know how to acknowledge it.

There was one point in time when I wanted to tell my father that I wanted to see a therapist for my birthday present. I settled for a expensive tape player instead. My father and I was completely distant (emotionally) and we hardly got along even though we had a lot in common. As for my mother, I loved her but we never saw eye to eye. I was going through weight issues. I perpously joined track and long distance to lose the weight, and I did, alot, but I aways felt that wasn't enough. My own body image was making losing my mind. I hated the kids around me and found art class my own get away from being around them. I always preferred to be by myself and had the tendency to push people who wanted to be my friend away. I didn't want to friends with anyone, I rebelled against the prom and I loved writing. I that's why I was always on the school newspaper staff. 

This show deals with real world issues.Somewhat. I mean it's not as trashy as some other shows that I don't care to name, and sure I know GLEE is a total fake. I mean NOT everybody knows how to sing, dance or  talk back to elders.

Plus seriously - alot of the songs that Glee sings are better then the originals. Plus Sue Sylvester kills me.

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