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Posted by Anonymous
on April 27th, 2012 at 4:06 PM

Oh my Darling, how I long to feel you close to me... the touch of your skin against mine and the warmth of your body while such a snug closeness we experience together. The way our bodies fit so perfectly as if we were meant to be together while my fingers move up and down your back, bringing about exquisite pleasure to you as we cuddle. I long to never let you go as we embrace this moment between us whispering words of passion to each other of all that our hearts hold inside. My Love, let's not we waste this moment with words but instead let our lips touch in a soft and passionate kiss, letting the world we know fade away like a distant memory as we share this moment in our own private paradise. Just to feel your against mine once again brings about wistful longing in my soul not just for the physical pleasure we could share again but the emotional bliss of feeling so close and complete together.

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