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yellowandblue - 46-50 years old - female

Posted by yellowandblue
on May 14th, 2012 at 2:11 AM

I posted earlier - how holidays dont jive with I have a 21 year old (as of yesterday) and a 26 year old. neither of them called me today. wow. i posted on my fb how my husband brought me choc cover strawberries for mothers day----then i saw my oldest, who lives in Chicago, was on FB at same time---still-nothing. these are the 2 boys who i lived 2 years of my life giving everything to them--they were both in rehab consectatively last fall--now im wondering if they're lying again, and have relapsed. I feel so torn up inside. So the only person in my life who talks to me is my controlling husband. He wants to just cut them out of our lives. Im a mommy-i wanna be there cuz i know if they are on drugs, they cant think clearly. Im I too forgiving--maybe thats not the right word---but is he right? after all we did for them. a phone call, or 99 cents for a card would have been nice. just an acknoledgement.
just when i think everything in my life has been taken from me----there's something else that goes. am i being to dramatic? either way, it really hurts. I always thought and told them, when they were born, i finally felt like I did something right in my life....well....apparently i didn't if they're both so torn up inside that they have to retreat to mind altering hallucinigetics and heroin. Any praying warriors out there--I sure could use some.

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