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orionnights - 51-55 years old - female

Posted by orionnights
on May 15th, 2012 at 7:28 PM

I was born and raised in a mid size city by the name South Bend Indiana South bend was a very quiet and peace filled city. I was lucky enough to have lived there during an era when neighborhoods were structured around people who had concern and respect for others around them, neighbors took time to be concerned about the welfare of others and if you needed help they always  would lend aid to you anytime day or night. It was so much peace back then there was little or no concern for crime.We didn't need burglary alarm systems we didn't burn security lights at night inside or outside our homes.There was little or no crime.  When I married and left South Bend all of that change the city I moved to was just the opposite. Here neighbors don't show concern and couldn't care less whether you live or die, If you try to do good deeds you're considered either phoney or just plain nuts. The crime here is through the roof we have burn all kinds of security lights on our property at night have security doors installed  even with good strong lighting  you still feel a bit scared .I'm always up during the night checking out the windows to make sure all is safe. Everyone who lives in this city is on edge. Remember when I said being a good neighbor is non existent?   2 years ago about 1 mile away from my current home a young woman was beaten so severely by one of her male neighbors she lost vision in her left eye. Why did he beat her? She asked him to turn down the volume on his stereo because the sound was so excessive the walls inside her home were vibrating and her son was sick and the loud noise was bothering him. If that had been in my old hometown she never would have been beaten by anyone they may have gotten a little frustrated about having to turn down their music but beating  her never, never, never. I long for peace I long for the times when I could lay in bed and hear the sound of the crickets chirping and the sound of the wind rustling the tree leaves and then fall asleep without a care in the world. I miss standing outside looking up at the stars in peace at night. Without someone yelling and asking what you are up to. Yes to have peace around me would be a grand dream that finally came true!

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