I dont think I can trust a guy again.

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NRF25 - 26-30 years old - female

Posted by NRF25
on May 18th, 2012 at 11:01 PM

Ive had bad luck with guys and Ive never had a bf. I get so close but I always get diff reasons of why they dont want to be in a relationship with me. Ok well Ive been shy in the last but Ive really gotten comfortable with who I am and If you dont like me then that is fine. So I had my first real date last Jan 2011. we went out on 4 dates and we had fun. but after our last date he gets into a relationship with someone a month later. I was crushed. I write him a letter telling him that I really liked him and he kinda hurt me blah blah blah. he wrote back 2 days after he broke up with the girl (a month later). He didnt know I liked him blah blah blah. moving on to the next guy we had one date but talked allll the time. then we wouldnt talk and then he fianlly said to me that he didnt think he deserved someone like me. He thought I was perfect and that he was a mess and he thought I deserved someone better. I was once again crushed. wrote him a letter and we kinda got everything figured out and he asked me to be his date for a wedding. wedding came and went and he never brought me. so a couple weeks later he had a gf and that was it. well now heres the part where after this guy im about to talk about makes me want to never trust a guy again. so I meet a guy on a dating site. He was everything I had been looking for and he made me feel incredible. He said I was the girl of his dreams, that he was so glad he found me, just everything Ive been waiting to hear. We hung out 2 times before our first real date. The date was amazing and I got my first kiss and many many many make-out sessions. Everything was perfect. I felt like I finally found someone who really likes me and wants to be with me. And Im not just saying that HE TOLD ME that BEFORE our date, DURING our date, and AFTER our date. Well everything changed. I dont know what happened. I know he got his job back and then his landlord kicks him out, he had finals and papers to do. but the last time we talked it will be 2 weeks today. I just dont know if I can trust a guy again. I dont know how I can believe another guy if they say any of those nice things to me and make me think there could be a relationship outta this. I dont know if I will ever be able to truly believe anything a guy says without thinking that it will all be over soon and that it wont last.

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