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Ferric67 - 36-40 years old - male

Posted by Ferric67
on June 1st, 2012 at 3:58 PM

Call it a compliment, straight from the lips of a very lovely young new friend of mine. I sit down next to her, it's her prefrence just as much as it is mine...and I We spend hours together...chitchatting, going back and forth about the unquench loves of life...
I almost feel like telling my imaginary secretary to cancel all remaining appointments for my day..."I busy keeping a beauty company"
She's modest and humble...and best of all, unaware how attractive she is...making her very mortal, and even more desirable.
Is she Attentive to the fact how all the boys follow her around?
If she is, she doesn't seem to care.
I'm the fellow she wants to know more about. Her questions come from all angles and appear in all different shapes and sizes. Some come with appetizers. Others with coffee and dessert. My favorite came with three Cheeses: manchego, asiago and parmigiano-reggiano
and a Glass of 2003 Ruffino Gold Label Chianti Riserva
Each of her words
layered with a complexity of a twenty-two year old mind, unable to focus and understand why she's drawn to man almost seventy percent older then her.
Her big blue eyes fixed on my smile. I have her fullest attention.
Her pale skin marked with the beauty of the pinkish-gold tint of freckles that line and extenuate her cheeks.

We ask, we talk
About everything and everyone...
She is really amused by the fact I call Claire "the princess"
But she is a princess.
Claire is that young woman whom the world bends backwards for...just because she has a beautiful face. Spend some time with Claire, I certainly felt as if Yes...she is a princess.
Kristen laughs, knowing I am the boss in that dynamic...a dynamc that Claire is unaccustomed too. Not that I am intentionally trying to be difficult. I just don't bend backwards...especially for someone based on superficialities.
I believe in that all good deeds should be endless and without cost or benefit...
I help anyone and everyone in need!
Without Question!
But expect the Needless favor...and it will never come!

"that's why I like are Not FAKE"

I smiled back...because that's the nicest thing I heard today.
Everything else is just another superficiality!

My Confession
On Friday
the First of June
in the year 2012

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