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sassygirl831 - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by sassygirl831
on June 13th, 2012 at 9:34 AM

i dont know where to begin my life is falling apart every year someone important to me goes away from my life, i dont have the best personality iam shy bt not painfully shy ,i had only one best friend in my primary school then i move to new school and i found very hard people to like me i was quite and i always studied hard and i was an A student, bt since i didnt live with my parents and i live with my brothers and my sister who was married and buzy with her children i didnt get the love i needed people consider me a grown up someone who can handle her problems even though i was only 9 year old, in my school i suffer from a lot of bullyies because i was the only black girl in the class sorry i forget to mention the country i was living it was somewhere in asia a horrible place , and mean people. my mom barely call me and if she does she will call my elder sister and talk to her and then my sis only gives the phone before she hangs up so that i can say hi mom and talk to her for while, and its not easy to talk abt the situation you are living in because education is very important to my family i know its important to every family bt my family are the type of people that dont care how hard u work or how ugly u get or uncomforable you are in the country ur living in as long as you are studying. not kind . then we moved to a different country still in asia which still iam living in for almost 6 yrs now still my mom is the same ,in fact when i visit her i notice she doesnt like me that much and if i argue9even though she started the argument) with my younger sister she always sides with her and she sometimes say iam not like my younger sister but she is bit more talkative than me. i went thru alot of problems in my life that are even hard to type all of them and that was just the beginning of my story , sorry abt my english its nt dat perfect and descriptive since am nt a native speaker.i must say white people give love and kindess to their children , and they listen them and try to solve their problems unline black people who only beat their children if they try to say what they think its right. i think elder sister or parents should let their children talk no matter how shy they are, and not descriminate them for their personality because its nobody's choice, iam hard working girl , and i always dream of working for my mom , i even tried to find a part time job so that i can send her money every month bt that didnt happen for me yet because its hard to find a job as student plus a foreigner here. my point is many people who are talkative and funny are spoiled compare to quite people, usually talkative people are proud and am nt talking abt all bt in my family my elder brother he is talkative and has many friends bt yet he dissapointed my family he never finished his university and made a fake certificate to have a job and yet though he is working he never attends the job now he is given 2 warnings the 3rd warning he will be fire and my mom is helping him with his family since he spends all his money with alcohol, so my point is iam always working hard and have all these plans for my family even though i just turn 19 bt yet that 27 year spoiled guy gets all the love he needs!!!thats just life i guesss. iam really in a mess up situation please for me and give me some advices i can make my life happier without regreting what happend

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