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ssvpro8 - 18-21 years old - male

Posted by ssvpro8
on July 4th, 2012 at 1:07 AM

I think when people confess, they want others to say helpful things. I understand that some criticism are helpful but some might get too blunt and actually hurts the person more than helping them, even though they might not mean it like that. Word choice is the key. That person is in their most vulnerable state when writing some of their stories. I think that if you're going to tell someone about your opinion, then you should let them down gently and carefully. I think they would react more in a positive way when you are kind. Especially on a site where everyone is anonymous. No one knows who you are so they won't know your personality or sometimes what you mean when you write them back. Maybe that's why some of people decide to post anonymously. 

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