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JeuneCirque - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by JeuneCirque
on July 23rd, 2012 at 4:20 PM

When I was only 9, we had this grand house. It was suiting for me. My own room, my own windows, my own access to the roof. Mmm, marvelous.
But mother, dear, when you had left to go somewhere with my middle sister, boredom claimed my mood. It took reigns, me as its stead.

Now everyone who does something considerably, shall I say, "dangerous," you bring anyone you can to test it out. For me, My guinea pig was my little sister. She was afraid at first when we climbed out of my window on top of the backyard's roof. I know, I know, and I know, I'm an awful sister. But luckily, I was down below about 15 feet. She was safe... so I thought. Well, before she can jump, she backs out. She wants me to show her the ropes. I mean, she was only 5 maybe. I guess it was reasonable, right?

So, as both of us are on the roof, (mind you that the wind isn't too calm, summertime) we share a conversation.
Me: Don't worry, I'll show you, okay?
Her: Okay.. but why are we doing this?
Me: It's safe, I know what I'm doing. God.
And after morbidly staring at me, she goes through the window. I tell her to close it shut.  And she does. Then she goes down below, where I was previously, she looks excited. Smiles wide and gives me the thumbs up. I felt like Indianna Jones. All I had to do was jump on one of the tree's stretching branches and swing off to safety, right?

Yeah... no...

I leaped, I grabbed the branch and in less than 2 seconds, my head was throbbing, legs felt... Well, I didn't think I had legs. I felt dizzy. If this were a cartoon, I'd have tree branches rotating around me, for sure. My little sister's giggles awoken me. I just realized what I did. It had sunken in, and my sister was laughing vigorously, almost disturbingly.

But I couldn't help but laugh too..

In this twisted way, all I did was limp away. Eventually, my mom returned home with the other sister. She still has no idea what happened.. But we'll bring it up infront of company randomly, and she'll look bothered...

The next dy we wanted to hand glide on the power chords. >___>

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