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on August 6th, 2012 at 11:48 PM

One day I awoke to a hollow world, found myself with perceptions of love that no longer gave me comfort; unless I was on the giving end. In a safe cocoon of empty me, solitary from what I craved to touch, I crawled my way back to my original soul and found freedom.

With familiar yet foreign emotions I turned sadness into the madness of knowing all which was and has been. This combined with an exhilaration of the unexplored, I suddenly realized my new ability to fly and the knowledge that ALL things outside myself will never be mine to hold. No matter, I could fly.

With no one keeping me anchored, I suddenly flew away and when tired I landed on a warm safe rock and wondered why and when and where..........
and you.

Just for old times sake, I reflected upon my journey sprinkled with a few of our best memories when we enjoyed those days when we both dreamed of having wings.

Feeling rested, I took flight and went with a renewed spirit to hopefully find my beloved butterfly friend somewhere out there, in my secret garden which I now lovingly call, this life.

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