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PrincessAtHeart - 13-15 years old - female

Posted by PrincessAtHeart
on August 8th, 2012 at 9:52 PM

Recently I lost a lot of friends, and really I'm not sure why. I'm sure my problems seem trivial to most, but to me they're very real.  You see I have two friends, sure there are "friends" but I only have two people to really rely on. One, is my best guy friend. But of course, I'm a teenage girl and as you can imagine things between us get complicated easily.  We seem to never be on the same page. He falls for me when I've finally gotten over him and I fall for him when he's finally gotten over me. We can never both be happy. and then of course there's the other girls he gets interested in, jealousy is a huge issue for me. Its so hard to be 'best friends' with someone that you have this complicated of feelings for.  And then there's my other friend. My girl best friend. She of course has much more friends than just two like I have. She's the kind of girl I'd be jealous of if we we're this close of friends. She's beautiful (and I dont just say this as a friend to be nice, I truly mean it) shes has plenty of friends and a perfectly romantic boyfriend. (you know the kind that waits at the front of school for her with two dozen roses and three bags of chocolate.)  I'm not saying her life is perfect, far from it in fact. The two of us have very different problems, yet they're just the same, that's why we're friends, because we connect so easily.  But the things about her is, she has a boyfriend to spend time with, I sit alone on friday nights.and of course she has other friend she connects with. so it gets me that when shes the only thing i really have she relies on other people, I know she calls me her best friend too but I have trouble believing it knowing that she sometimes has more in common with other people than me. knowing that sometimes she doesnt invite me places with her because shes taking someone else, someone who maybe doesn't get along with me. And when we go somewhere with a group, i get left out. I just dont fit in. and I get so jealous of her other friends. Sometimes I can't handle feeling second best to both of the only friends I have, but then I realize I have nobody else. And I'm just not sure what to do.

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  1. Kayleenganjaqueen - 16-17 years old - female

    Posted by Kayleenganjaqueen on August 8th, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    If you are turly unhappy with your friendships . Find people who will make you happy and not jealous . It's not like their doing it on purpose . But find what makes you feel good . In life i've learned that you can't wait on people . You do what you gotta do and what's best for you. Somtimes it's good to take a break for society and work in your self . Find what makes you happy and what makes you feel good . And the rest will come . Including new friends :)

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  2. Anonymous

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