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BloodRedShadow - 18-21 years old

Posted by BloodRedShadow
on August 9th, 2012 at 2:33 AM

Dearest Maia,

I know I shouldn't start a letter all mushy and stuff, but we've been through so much together. We"be seen all the wonder we can be for one another, and what terrors can befall us in this sort of relationship. But I wan you to know every minute of it was worth it. You have proven to me that I can be a woman, no matter what. I can be the gal who is worth her salt.

But I know I've helped you too. My issues are insignificant compared to yours. I can't imagine what pain you must have been through. I can't even begin to fathom the hate you have for all of those people who wronged you, stabbed you in the back, and used you only to throw you away.

Bit those days are over dragi, they are. Nothing will hurt you anymore, not while I am here to protect you, to defend you and your with my life. You have become my everything, and no words can describe what beauty you have. But don't hide it! I've seen it before, you are a kind heart, yet you try and hide it from the world. What is the reasoning? It makes you wonderful!

I know you have scars, but we can fight them together, they shouldn't affect how you live. My scars have only made me stronger. Can you do the same for me dearest? Can you fight off the pain, and win the satisfaction of wisdom? Could you do it for me? I did it for you.

Could you be a strong woman for our child at least? I am sure the baby will be perfect. I know, you are going through some tough times, with the sickness, the excessive thirst, everything. But I am by your side in all of this. I am here to tell you, you are going to be a wonderful mother. Fromo what you have said, you have heart enough not to end the child now, and not to give him/her away. You make me truly happy Maia.

I love you, for now and forever, forever and always
-Amber D.

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