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ICE4All - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by ICE4All
on August 19th, 2012 at 3:52 PM

I do have plans when I get out of the navy but I also know that things can change.  It is ok if plans change because the best plans are those that are flexiable.  Those plans that are not flexiable do not allow much room for growth.  Change is the one factor that should and must to implimented in any given situation.  Things do change and they will continue to change as they always have.  Change is the one thing that is guaranteed.  I think that if given enough time, anything can happen.  I call these simple truths.  If there is any one thinged we humans do with excellance it is that we complicate.  This we do very well.  I cannot think of another thing we do as well as this.  Humans are highly inefficient.  The way we go about doing things is remarkably self destructive but yet we continue to do them.  This is a mystery.  I do know that we are not stupid.  Cows I would label stupid.  They eat and expell waste in the same pool they drink from.  They are animals, this is expected of them.  We as humans, we are more evolved, more developed.  However, sometimes it appears that not all humans are evolved equally.  Some appear to be more evolved than others.  This can create a rift.  A vibe is a great example of this.  Those who have very strong vibes or vibes of a diverse vibration than from someone else may find that person uncomforable to be around.  Ignorance is the one aspect in this world that does prevail.  Ignorance thrives in this world.  Perhaps it is because of the institutions that support this.  Institutions such as religion.  Another is politics. 

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