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on August 19th, 2012 at 6:44 PM

at the beginning of grade 8, i was no one special. i didnt sit at the prep table, i didnt have lots of friends, and i wasnt known by many people. but that never really mattered to me, because i honestly had the best friend to look out for me and make me feel happy whenever. in this ill call her josie.  we only knew eachother for a year at that point, but we were considered inseperable. as the year progressed i joined basketball and reunited with a old friend ( who ill call delancey). but this time we weren't just reunited as friends, we were reunited as bestfriends. we did everything together for a solid month. you could say that she was more popular then me, considering she did sit at the prep table. we got so close, that i was invited to sit there too. toatally forgetting about josie, i sat there and left her at the other table with my old friends. i dont understand how i forgot about her, i guess the thought of being popular just took me away, which i realize now is stupid. i kept sitting there untill the end of the year with delancey and my other new friends, but josie still sat at the other table. i could tell she wanted it so bad, but every time she brought up the topic i changed it quickly. i was so ashamed to talk about it with her, because i knew i made a bad mistake. anyways after i started sitting at the prep table i obviously made new friends, sinced they noticed me now, and suprsingly i had a lot in common with most of them. we started hanging out, having sleepover, and turning into bestfriends. nowhere close to as close as me and josie were, but still bestfriends. me and josie started to spread apart, and hang out with new groups of friends. i hated it, but i didnt realize it at the moment. i was so caught up in the prep life. i dont know how, but delancey started to not be liked by the prep table, and that was really awkward for me because i didnt want to leave the prep table with all my friends, but i didnt want delancey to be left out. lets just say she ended up still being popular.. but only online. back to me and josie, she had so much stress on her. her parents were building a new house, forcing her to live in a apartment for the rest of the year, which means she didnt exactly look her best most days, which made me embarassed. i would ignore her.. i realize thats probably the worst move i could of made. right now in life were so much closer again, because i realized the prep table cant own my life, or my friends. sure lots of the people there were nice and funny, but no one close to josie. this letter is for you josie. even though i hope you'll never read this, im sorry. im sorry for never inviting you to the hangouts everday with other people. im sorry for disincluding you and ignoring you at times. and most of all im sorry for being the worst friend ever. you dont deserve that at all. today im sitting here writing this to you because i got karma. today everyones busy with all their other friends and im sitting home alone like you probably were every day during grade 8. and i know how horrible it feels now. i hope you know that i love you to pieces and i will never let anything come between us again. the prep life will never take me over starting today. i love you forever bestfriend xoxo

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