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fortysixandtwo - 22-25 years old - female

Posted by fortysixandtwo
on August 20th, 2012 at 7:11 AM

My baby girl's fifth birthday is Thursday. I asked her what she wanted yesterday when hubs came up for a visit yesterday.

She said "I want my momma to get better so she can come home to us. I wished that for my birthday so it has to come true right?" I said hopefully kiddo, hopefully.

I miss Thing 1 and Thing 2 so much. I started crying after I came out of the MRI machine yesterday. They unstrapped me and I was getting up and just couldn't stop bawling. I miss my kids. :-(

The doctors just came to see me. I hopefully have one last procedure today....but I've had one one last procedure a couple of times already. I was hoping to get out before baby girl's birthday on Thursday but it looks like I'm going to be stuck In here another week.

I promised her I'd take her for frozen yogurt...she has to get shots on the morning of her birthday. I told her if she was brave then after she could put on her Tinkerbell costume. Then her, Iron Man (her little brother) and I would go to Cherry Berry for as much frozen yogurt and toppings their little tummy's could hold. Their gummy bears are like crack...

I have to call her in a little bit to let her know I can't make it. Her high pitched little "Aw...but it's okay momma." is going to tear me up. Even more so cause I know she'll put two and two together and realize I (for the love of bob hope not) might be missing her first day of school as well. That I don't think she even she could assure herself and I will be okay.

It's her month. She proudly exclaimed that turning five means she's no longer a baby. Her first day of school means her first day of being a little big person. That she's officially on the track of starting a life with bigger goals and stuff. Her words. That girl does crazy things to my heart.

So now I pray to whomever or whatever...stop making my body sh*t out day by day. I belong at home with my loud, crazy family.


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