I think of life sometimes.. Where everyone is... Why.. Yunno, life.

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JeuneCirque - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by JeuneCirque
on August 20th, 2012 at 11:01 AM

I've seen questions , answers , confessions, stories, comments and just everything and wonder to myself, "where are they now?" Or, "are they in a different situation?" Or, "do they ever look back on their past in admiration to have come through life's many trials?"

I wonder about it sometimes. I wonder about mine as well. How quick life is.. and if I'm wasting my own. I know that I'll come out of the problems I now currently face, but when? I forage back to my past thinking that I had no idea of what would become of me. I just think about it sometimes. I know that 2008 is long gone. I know new things both good and bad. I'm only 14 now and my life is prickling me. It moves slowly but like a passoonate tortoise. I just can't desribe my urgence to know if others have came out. I need that hope that things will be fine. I'm losing my own.

What will become of our lives once 2014 hits? What will we be laughing over or crying about? Will we be better off or long for these times? I don't know.. But I just wonder about the future. It can wolf down my mind for hours.

Just laying in bed staring and blinking occcasionally... Just feeling Strange.

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