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UnderEli - 41-45 years old - male

Posted by UnderEli
on August 22nd, 2012 at 6:49 PM

I have been a very bad bachelor of late.  I haven't washed my dishes, cleaned my apartment, or read the mail (which is almost entirely circulars) for weeks.  Instead, I've been enjoying my time eating ice cream, riding my bicycle, watching T.V., and whiling away the hours at my computer.  I have done some essentials, though, like the laundry and grocery shopping and going to work.  Sometimes it feels like life is too short to not just do what feels right and forget the rest.  Problem is I have so many day befores of doing the same thing. 

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  1. ForeverOnABoat - 18-21 years old - female

    Posted by ForeverOnABoat on August 22nd, 2012 at 7:13 PM

    i kinda the feel the same way. I had lots of work to do but I only do a bit ( the essentials mainly) and then I just chill out all day, because I feel like if I just keep working life it going to pass me by but then when im just sitting down thinking of something to do I think that I might just actually be wasting my time. Guess we cant win either way. The trick is to find a balance but that's the hard part

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  2. sab01 - 26-30 years old - female

    Posted by sab01 on August 22nd, 2012 at 7:30 PM

    Same feelings here. I work 6, sometimes 7 days a week, and when I do get a day off, all I wanna do is lounge or chill with my friends. Don't wanna work myself to death. Live life. It goes by way to fast and you don't wanna miss a thing.

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  3. UnderEli - 41-45 years old - male

    Posted by UnderEli on August 22nd, 2012 at 7:33 PM

    I appreciate both your positive feedbacks. Your words resonate with how I feel too. Thanks for reading my piece.

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  4. imnotsureicandothis - 70+ years old

    Reply by imnotsureicandothis Nov 3rd, 2012 at 11:14PM

    You bet'cha, I enjoy spending time with you even if it is only through your writng : )


  5. Posted by An EP User on November 3rd, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    I was with you till the last line... I wrote and rewrote. In the end, I erased, all my conclusions were based on assumptions and haha, you know where that got me last time! Probably I am overthinking this one and more likely it was simply a typing error! (i tend to overthink things too, hahaha, but ya.)

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  6. UnderEli - 41-45 years old - male

    Reply by UnderEli Nov 3rd, 2012 at 10:58PM

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I can see how that last sentence isn't quite right. What I mean is that I didn't do any of the chores today. And I'm aware that I didn't do them the day before, or the day before that, or even the day before that, and so on.


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