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ICE4All - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by ICE4All
on August 22nd, 2012 at 9:37 PM

You know, the truth is that we all have problems.  The difference is how we go about dealing with them.  Not all problems are equal in measure either.  That is why it is said that just when you think you have most or worst of the problems, think again.  Someone out there has more problems than you or even larger problems than you.  This is a revelation.  I do know that there is something about the power of perspective.  Perception is very powerful.  It is the one reason why a potential future employer will hire you or not.  It is the reason why you continue to deal with the issues at hand.  There is a saying that what you resist persist.  I think we are evolving in life.  I have thought to myself before that the reason I have some of the problems to this day is because I have not learned all that there is to learn from them.  When I learn what I need to know or all there is to learn then I will move on to other things.  Perhaps other problems to solve.  There is a saying that whatever can go wrong will.  I also believe sometimes that when you solve one problem, another replaces it.  Even beyond this life, the same applies.  There are mysteries in this life and there will continue to be more later on.  The mysteries do not end.  I know that I have brought some problems onto myself.  I do know that there is a tendancy for people to blame others for our problems.  In some cases, it may be someone elses fault but not always.  I do know that for some problems that you may have, if you fail to take responsibility then you will fail to overcome them or learn whatever there is to learn from them.  I do think that our struggles make us stronger.  They build patience and even perseverence.  Both of these are spiritual powers.  Both can make a profound difference in the life of the individual.  When I type anything, it comes from my heart onto the screen.  One of the problems that I have is my eating disorder.  I believe that if someone is overweight or underweight then they have an eating disorder.  Eating disorders seem to be very common in the world, especially among developed nations.  Not all developed nations have this disorder but some do.  Britian and America are two of these.  Often when dealing with something, at the moment we do not know the purpose of it until later.  This has been proven to me to be true multiple times.  Me going to a community college helped pave the way for a university which helped pave the way for the military which just may pave the way for something else into the future.  The year long dep program even had its purpose.  It helped me to overcome boot camp and a-school and go into the geniune navy.  So yes, our struggles do make us stronger.  It is during our refining moments that our true character is being developed.  These are the moments that make us.  We learn more from our difficulties than from anything else.  There are many life lessons to be learned in life and often the only way to know them is to experience them.  To read about them is one thing but to expereince them is a whole new level.  When somoene comes into life, there is no handbook on how to live life.  Even if there were, you would not understand it.  Without experience, what can you possibly know.  There are some things you can only know through experiencing them.  This is the divine truth.  As I said, we are evolving.  Evolution is a process, not an event.  It is not something that take place over night  but over many years.  When you observe the progress you have made, it will sometimes amaze you.  The important thing is to be patient with yourself.  The greatest of all critices is usually yourself.  Your own thoughts towards yourself.  This can have a profound difference in how you react to things.  Not everything in life is going to take place exactly the way you chose it to, sometimes it takes place on other conditions that are far better than you could have proposed.  This is an important statement.  There is much pessisism in the world and there has been for much time.  Whom you choose to associate with will have profound effects in your life.  Some even say the company you keep around you also define that type of person you are.  To some event, this is true but not always.  Sometimes you cannot help but to be around certain types of people, this the exception.  Work is one, home is another and perhaps some other places.  I do know that whatever you chose to do in life, you need to be aware of the reasons you are doing it.  Also, be sure that those reasons are justified.  When I say justified the meaning of this is that you need to know if the reasons are such that you whatever you are doing will survive time.  Whatever it is that you are to do and wheather it continues is condusive to the reasons you have for it.  I also have learned that wisdome does not come without pain and knowledge is conceptual.  When you are having those storms in your life, you are gaining wisdom.  Those difficult moments that refine your character are the same that bring forth wisdom into your life. 

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