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LitamalianTherpo - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by LitamalianTherpo
on August 24th, 2012 at 2:26 PM

This is the very short detail of the persons involved in this confession.  I have a fraternal twin sister who has a history of setting herself up for trouble. When she was 17 she had a drinking partty while mom was away my older sister who was of age did not stop it since she was the adult in charge.  Then i smelled smoke in the house when i came home a few months later from school and the same sister said dont bother when she was in charge, again mom was away and my twin was smoking cigrettes in her bed room with a couple of friends.  I don't know what is with her, maybe it's her genes, because my dad was an alcoholic and mom is a hardcore control freak and denies her true nature.  I don't know if it's because i got all the attention growing up because of my medical needs and she didnt. I really don't know where her drinking evolved from.  So fast forward 2 years ago she came home because she said she was bored she lived in boston through college and graduation.  Then the signs started to show that she was spitting food out drinking too much and losing interest in her goals.  She began to bounce between boston and washington dc where my family lives spread out along the area.  Then one day earlier this year she decided to take a trip to peurto rico having lost her job and wanting to drink her sorrows away.  we never heard from her, just got a couple emails and mom called her from time to time.  When she came home in june, she was a picture of a survivor from the holocaust, bones showing same old clothes from 9 years ago.  Ok, let me say this, back on the last day of 2011, i was attacked and choked by her in her drunk state and havent been able to forgive her since then.  So we have been trying to get her to recover, so she was sent to a rehab facility.  But that 28 day recovery process was a failure, sarah began to drink as soon as she was released from the facility.  She was to stay with my older sister, Elle, and her fiance.  Elle is a recovering alcoholic herself and she understands sarah alot and tried to help her.  Now here is the true confession: Sarah was kicked out of elles house and she came to moms house where i still live.  mom told her to leave and she even took sarahs house key but sarah didnt leave, just made her home in the backyard.  Megan must have suggested mom get a padlock which she did and kicked sarah out of the back yard.  that same day when mom and my nephew had gone away for the weekend i had come home from a grocery shopping trip and sarah was right there behind me i told her to leave that she wasnt welcome, to not help me whatsoever, but she barged into the house, not giving me an opportunity to take a stand.  I had my eye on her while i was unloading the groceries when she stepped out of the house for 10 minutes i locked the door behind her then my little poodle wanted to go outside so i went out keeping an eye on the door.  he wandered away from where i could watch the door at which point i felt a strong need to go back to the house, whether i could get him or not.  I got really angry because sarah was there again.  Thats when i knew peace talking was out of the question.  I kept telling her and yelling her to get out of the house because she was not welcome because is an alcoholic.  At one point she asked how i was going to get her out and i grabbed her arm in response dragged her to the door and tried to shove her out this took 3 times until i must have really strangled her wrist.  i threw her bag oiut of the house didnt care if she had shoes or not.  I was pretty shocked at my own behavior she finally stepped over the threshold at which i slamed the door and locked it in her face.  She was being very cunning and manipulative and must have assumed i was weaker than her because i have symmetrical cerebral palsy and cant see well which is why she tripped me in the first place.  For days i was afraid to even go outside, but i think i scared her away  because she caught a ride with david a high school friend that hasnt really grown up like sarah hasnt.  I might have made a scene in the neighborhood because the front door was open and i pulled her out to the front door and one point.  I was not harmed in the act, she barely touched me or i would have felt her energy imprint on my body and clothes.  This was a time when if calling the police it would have been too late. as it was when she choked me earlier in the year.

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  1. Posted by An EP User on August 24th, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    A very sad story I hope your sister does eventually stop drinking and excepts the help she needs

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User Apr 28th, 2015 at 6:11AM

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