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ICE4All - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by ICE4All
on August 31st, 2012 at 6:51 PM

I must admit.  I know that I have been very hard on myself in the past.  Especially over the issue of finances.  I think I have been that way because much is expected of me in that area.  Being in the military, our benefits are great.  It is not everyday that you can just walk into a clinic and get treatment and not see a bill.  Also, food and shelter are provided for us.  We are taken care of, that is for sure.  It is a system that is place to make sure of that.  Take care of the soldiers so that they can in turn take care of our country.  That is how the military works.  The benefits totally outweigh the pay.  You should not join the military for the pay because the pay is not that great.  1200 dollars is how much I make a month.  To make that last in which I am saving has been very difficult for me.  If it wasn't then I would have not posted it.  That is why I have researched the issue of tithing and financial management.  It has been an uphill battle for me.  Nice to know that I am not alone in my journey.  Food is very expensive.  That is where most of my money actually goes.  Besides that, money for uniforms, supplies, phone bill, etc.  There is very little remaining left to save.  I've been in over two half years and am still making an effort to make this work.  I know that I am evolving and so the same with everything else when it comes to experiences.  Managing my diet is yet another.  Knowing what to eat and drink and avoiding everything else has been a tiresome battle also.  Discipline is something that is learned over time.  So along with anything else.  Post.

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