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I can't believe it....

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TaiwanSag - 26-30 years old - female

Posted by TaiwanSag
on September 20th, 2012 at 8:49 PM

I can't believe I've been fooled again by u, don't know if this is a good thing or bad cuz I finally c who u really are.
U have no one to blame but urself for the current situation you are in now.
I don't know the real reason u back for her, I don't believe u back to her is because u love her.
U've decided to leave her for almost 2 months, how could a one night talk turn things over? I really really don't believe it.

How could u tell me how bad she is, wasn't ur type at all...etc. 
Honestly, I feel u're staying w/ her cuz her money and she would do whatever for u and the money u owe her family..etc. 
If I were 35 years old and didn't do much for my career, I might choose her too... but in short term only cuz I know I can't lie to my heart.
I can't believe u lie to me, everything u did is a lie, u're the best actor I have ever seen and shame of myself didn't spot it.
I knew there's sth goes on but I had no prove to stop it, now finally truth comes out.

U and me will never be together, I don't want u back though I care u so.
I will meet someone in the future.
I'm just being upset for the whole situation for what u did to me and being hurt.

I didn't start any relationship for the whole year in the past, I wasn't waiting for u at all.
Its the hurt u gave me too painful and I've always remember how painful it is that I wouldn't step in.
Im not ready to get hurt again.

I miss the old days when we were dating, the original u.
We may not had much money, but we did in a real, decent and inexpensive way. 
But the old u will never back, u've changed.
Enjoy in the luxry world w/ her.

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