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Posted by Anonymous
on September 24th, 2012 at 5:54 PM

Since my wife started having sex with other men because I couldn'y satisfy her, I began to find the whole idea totally erotic, such that I gave her my blessing to **** whoever he wants. She's has now ****** many men over the years and I still get a raging hard on just thinking about her having another man touching and ******* her. But what I have also found is that it makes me rock hard just knowing other men have seen her naked.
I have submitted my website details to several voyuer type sites and get quite a few responses. I'm trying to get her to pose for some professional photos, but she says she is not good enough - but for a woman who can attract and **** much younger men she can't be that bad, even after having four kids. I persuaded her to start having sex with other men after our second child was born because her **** had stretched so much.
My biggest wish is to watch her ******* one or more men (if she had sex with several men at once I think  my **** would blow apart), but she still won't let me watch, yet she  graphically goes into every detail of her sex when she comes home. She always gives me photos, *** filled knickers and even condoms as proof that she **** other men.
Am I being selfish wanting to watch?
I would appreciate any comments; my website address is

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