Release past regrets...otherwise they will shape your future

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Ferric67 - 36-40 years old - male

Posted by Ferric67
on October 5th, 2012 at 3:03 PM

The past three weeks, I have been reading and writing about the Human Ego. What I have written has been very well perceived.
It's a curious beast,
The Human Ego...
We act according to the motives it pushes us towards...
Even when we know better...
People will defy common sense logic and courtesy...allowing their Egos to dictate Actions.

I had a long discussion with Anne this morning.
My Ego.
and by the end of our talk,
I felt bad
I felt guilty
I felt remorseful
Because for the last two years, I have treated you in a manner that I would never want to be treated. I would not want anyone treating my mother, my sister or my daughter (if I had one) the way I have treated you. And, for the first time...empathy struck,


My actions have been rude and insensitive to your feelings...outright oblivious.

Why did I do this?
Because of my ego.
My Ego led me to feel slighted from your Rejection.
I, in turn did many things out of character (which was one of Anne's point).
Another point of hers was...I have wasted my energy on trying to raise a sunken ship...over these last two years...
Costing me several friendships and relationships along the persistance has certainly cost me your friendship.

My Ego has turned me into this obnoxious bully.
She is right.

I suppose if I tell you, I am typically not like that,
Would you believe me?
If I were to tell you, that I am usually
Cool, calm and collected...Even Happy-go-lucky...
Would you see any truth in it?

I really believe, that your CHARACTER and mine are very, very similar...
That is
Why, I have so despartely fought this losing proposition...for this long...
and the MORE I fight,
The worse it makes me look in Your eyes

I wanted your friendship in my life,
Because having you as a friend will help me become a better man
I, in turn would do what I can to reciprocate

Anne's Right,
I can't force someone to be my friend.
You know how you can find me,
and if you want me as your friend,
You will have To make that known to Me

I am sorry for ruining our friendship
For being a persistent Jerk

"release past regrets...otherwise, they will shape the future"

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