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Gone mad!!!!

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DarkAngel24 - 13-15 years old - female

Posted by DarkAngel24
on October 9th, 2012 at 4:10 PM people say love makes you go crazy...people are right...i seem to have forgotten my age, and the fact that he lives a state away, and ALL about the boy two houses away(who is still Super Hot btw)...i seem to have completely forgotten all about these trivial matters...he is all that only 15??? What??? Why does that matter??? He lives in New Mexico and im in Texas???..but thats only a state away...the boy two houses away is still a gorgeous specimen of a human being???...AND?!?!..i have a man...he is suddenly all that matters...i am suddenly saying im in love...i want to do better in school..i wanna get a job...i want to make it so that our life doesnt end up like our parents...and he wants the same....i am 15..and engaged...Crazy, right?!?!...before i was trying to push him away..make him not love me..but he always sticks around, and puts up with me, and supports me...he tells me the future we plan out isnt just make-believe...that we arent just your typical crazy teenagers "in love". He says he will wait Forever if he has to...and for the first time..i believe All of it...we havent known each other long...AT ALL...sometimes i feel like we are rushing into things..but then it just seems so its just meant to be..we started going out the first night we that wasnt too long ago...then on Friday he asked me to marry him...the only answer that seemed reasonable was Yes..and i know we are young, but why does it matter???!?!....if he is willing to wait..then i am willing to go to matter how long it takes for us to get together...i love him...and i know i've lost my mind...even my friends say this is SO unlike me..the safe one. The "good girl" who doesnt get into trouble...but its the love i tell drives you insane...and i gotta say...i like being crazy...

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