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ICE4All - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by ICE4All
on November 8th, 2012 at 8:05 AM

I have nothing very important to add at the moment.  Just at work, getting ready to go on watch.  I have a four day weekend coming soon.  Yea.  :).  That is always good news.  I sometimes have to struggle with not being pessimistic in the morning.  You know how some people are on edge in the morning.  Perhaps it is because they are half asleep and are more than ready to go back to sleep.  LOL.  I know this experience.  A shower in the morning is usually enough to get me awake.  A hot shower to be specific.  I got up somewhere like 0330 in the morning.  I took a shower and then just layed in bed for another 20 minutes.  I finally got up and got around.  I am so ready for this weekend.  I really am.  Need some time off to just do some things.  That new halo game is out.  Ready to play that for a while.  I saw some prefers and walkthroughs of that and it looks intense.  I dont play as much x-box as I used to.  Not sure why.  Some things just burn themselves out I guess.  I used to read a lot though but not so much anymore.  Anyways, chow.

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