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Posted by Anonymous
on November 11th, 2012 at 10:59 AM

Open up to love for it's calling. Place your heart there in my hands. Everything will at last be beautiful. No longer will you ever be hurt again. Unless you continue to forget me. Please... I beg... Open up to love and then you'll possibly realize that love is not a game of cat and mouse. Often the games we play hurt us. Just very softly let me speak in your ears. Come on this journey with me where we'll enjoy the special things like loving, touching and squeezing. I promise you there's a lot more to see. For loving is what we both need, my love. It's love that makes this world truly go round. It's when there's beauty all around, pne of the things I've been thinking of. Then it's the magic of a simple touch - it's not only healing but sparks a fire that the I know for sure you desire. I'll hold you so tight that iit'll brings you sweet delight in knowing that all through the night I'll give you all my love... there won't be any teasing. So now it's time to explore love's reality. Plenty of loving... touching and squeezing. So join me tonight... please come on this journey.

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