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Posted by Anonymous
on November 17th, 2012 at 5:40 PM

When I close my eyes, it is only you I see... such angelic beauty that takes my breath away. Oh... how I long for you. My lips hunger to taste the sweetness of your loving embrace... My arms crave to hold you so close and tight while I whisper to you everything that my heart holds. Oh my Darling... you are my dream made reality. How I long to embrace your heart with my words, caress it with them so tenderly, and bring to you the sweet ecstasy of a love so strong and true. Open your heart to me now, and with one kiss I will bring you to the paradise within my heart. Let inhibitions melt away as we are becoming engrossed in the sweet bliss of this moment made for two lover's like us. Come with me to this private paradise made just for you, and together we can dive into the depths of love, and embrace the flames of this intense passion and desire we feel for each other in the bliss of euphoria.

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