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imperfectbeauty - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by imperfectbeauty
on November 18th, 2012 at 6:26 PM

I am starting to realize more and more that it is time for something new, something that will break me from the past and make me smile without  me having to force it upon myself. It is time to open up and allow this man to see the real me, for he can do like everyone and run. I am not dumbfounded I know the truth. I am not who I need to be, but this is me for now. He deserves the truth for he can move on. I am thinking that my time here is over and it is time for another move, and I am thinking that maybe the north, where there is snow and whatnot. I always wanted something like that, and it is time for me to find my way to something that I want. A change would be nice. Me and my sister have been talking about it a lot lately, and I am ready she is to. We have been getting closer and closer lately, she finally understands why I feel as if she is taking advantage of me and has been trying to change that. I dont want to leave her behind because having someone in my family that cares really makes me happy, because I never had that. I will hold her close for now on, she is really showing me exactly how much she really does care just by the way she hugs me and listens to me now. If this man still wants something to do with me then I will offer him to come with me, if he declines then I still will leave I refuse to put my life on hold for a man again...

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