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ThoughtsBehindThoughts - 26-30 years old - female

Posted by ThoughtsBehindThoughts
on November 25th, 2012 at 11:00 PM

We broke up a little over a week ago, mostly my fault for loosing my mind. It's a tough time of year which you know, the week before you were promising to never leave me and to keep me safe. Well what a difference a week makes. Yes I flipped out abit. But I never didn't love you, I just pushed too hard I guess.

You don't understand why I'm upset and not happy for you?

Well within a week of splitting up you are having a man I don't know lay where I layed, you will be on a long journey with him and then will be living in his house with him, you say your purpose is to get back to your grandmother but I told you I would give you the money to fly, instead you tell me that this man is working extra hours at work to support you. I feel pushed aside.

You told me that he was a friend from when you were hadn't mentioned him before and he is a man now fully gown and by the lack of comments I take it he is a single man.

You complained to me that I have friends so why can't you. I do want you To have friends but 3 weeks ago you were telling me no to moving out and getting a housemate as you didn't want me sharing. Not even with a female friend who has a bf.

I want you to be happy of course but you can't expect me to be happy your happy without me.

How can you not see that it's killing me? That I'm dealing with it the only way I know how and my closing off to you is not me trying to be cruel.

I love you, I need to be there for you, but you dont need me anymore.

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