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Who Wants To Spend Forty Years In A Dream?

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Posted by Anonymous
on November 30th, 2012 at 11:42 PM

"Depends on the dream ."

So, it's definitely not one of the most quoted lines of the movie (which goes to that "dreaming bigger" bullcrap), but it's plenty true.

Take this place, for instance, what dreamers like me call the "consensual reality." We call it that as opposed to the "real world," because the world "real" implies certainty. For those who have delved deeper into the concept of dreaming, this "real world" may not actually be so.

And I'm not talking about abduction and being trapped in someone else's dream. That's plain science fiction, and not terribly creative scifi either. I'm talking about the Cave and shadows on the wall.

If you listened to Matchbox Twenty too many times, that line should ring a bell.

"Depends on the dream."

No, it depends on how REAL the dream feels. Hey, there's that word again! Consider not just one person, but millions, billions, all dreaming, not for forty years, but for a hundred plus change. All those minds for all that time have come to an agreement about what certain shadows are and mean, and rules about said shadows. Those rules are consensual. Thus, a consensual reality.

What kind of dream would you want to spend forty years in? Why, the one that you didn't know was a dream of course. And not only would you fight to hold onto it for your own sake, but you fight to keep others from leaving too.

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