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Posted by Anonymous
on December 2nd, 2012 at 11:41 AM

Come to me... and free the desires burning deep down within me. Be the woman that for so long I've dreamed of. You, the one I long to shower my love on, be there for my lips to caress every sensual curve of your body. Let me entice you with pleasures I long give you while my words of love caress your heart filling you with the passion I feel for you. Come to me and be my lover, my love, my desire... and together we can journey to the paradise where love roams free, and we can make love on the shore of a calm lake, where silver ballerinas dance on a liquid stage, and an innocent moon looks down on us smiling as the love we share together. Be my love. Here I'm waiting for you to come into my life, to walk out of my dreams and into my arms... my heart... forever.

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