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PuddleJumping - 41-45 years old - male

Posted by PuddleJumping
on December 8th, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Most nightmares are created by Insecurities.

When you are having a nightmare you are translating your life back to yourself from the framework of some kind of Insecurity. It doesn't mean there are terrible things on the horizon. What you think, how you feel and what manifest are always a match. You are the creator of your dreams.
Feelings of insecurities like I should be wiser or I should be smarter, I should be more evolved, That I should know something that I don't know all come from feelings of Powerlessness. It's like you feel like there is something there that could harm you and even though you don't know what it is you still feel powerless. If insecurities fester long enough it begins to take form, it doesn't have a name it doesn't really look you in the eye, nothing really happens that gives you the reason to be afraid but the thought forms you have created begin to take form. Every thought you have ever thought still exists. You think a thought over and over enough it becomes a thought form which is a self powered thought and entity unto itself and the more you think it the stronger it becomes, sometimes we are visited by old thought forms we have created in the past and go through feelings from our past even though we are not the same people our old thoughts are still there, Even though you can't get that old you back cause you don't think the same anymore so your not even a match of your old self those thoughts still exist.

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