I love the way your body feels against mine

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Posted by Anonymous
on December 11th, 2012 at 1:55 PM

I love the way your body feels so perfectly against mine, each sultry curve fitting mine as arms wrap around each other and lips caress lips so tenderly, the warmth between us sheltering off the winter cold outside the window. Oh yes my darling, come to me now and let me hold you, caress the smoothness of your skin, enticing you with gentle and loving caresses and feeling your body shiver. Together we find a beautiful harmony and we are one heart, one soul, one spirit that will be bound together forever in the sweet ecstasy of our love never to be broken or deceived.... never to break away. For this love is honest and true, without any worry about what will come our way. Together we walk down the path of life hand in hand... as my lover, my confidence and my one and only true love. Oh yes, I adore the way your body feels against mine, so perfect as if we were made for each other.

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