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Stormwind2 - 18-21 years old - female

Posted by Stormwind2
on December 12th, 2012 at 2:21 PM

As I sit outside I listen to the wind blowing in the trees. I listen to the winds emotions and I understand them very well. though... I may not fully get them because I am not her I have not traveled where she traveled or lived as long as she lived. I am just a creature on the earth who love's to listen to her as well as she listens to us. without the wind we wouldn't have our breath we would be squirming on the ground gasping for air like fish would out of water. And soon it would be nothing left of us but a dead body on the ground and someday she probably will stop blowing but maybe that's the day that we hurt their precious earth to much.
maybe that's the day she decides people are too terrible to give life to people need to learn from mistakes that they don't seem to learn from. But I am not the wind whatever she thinks is what she thinks I do not speak for her but she does make me question her methods and her thoughts. The wind to me is just another person but not a human being but one that is stronger than a person and more then a human... one that knows knowledge beyond us and one that understands more than we ever will something that should be respected even if you don't fully understand it. Why? because it gives you life.. life isn't always good but that's part of the learning process and trust me I'm sure she knows more about life she's been born way before we touched earth soil. sometimes I wonder what she knows but it isn't for the human eye to understand that's okay. I still find her fascinating beautiful and in her own ways many other things.
people are born with a human being telling him what element they are at birth. But truth be known no one knows your element the only person who know's that element of your's is YOU you're element is whatever you were connected to whatever element that is you'll know. As for me mine's wind. 

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