An over due letter to the dearly departed.

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MyShaddow - 31-35 years old - male

Posted by MyShaddow
on December 15th, 2012 at 8:39 PM

I was only eight when you became ill.  I was told it wasn't likely that you'd recover.  I was told it would be a matter of months not years.  You became spiritual and i followed, you were heading for your next journey and I have followed.  Through my teens, through drugs and drink I chased you.  I have tried to hasten this.  No male in our family makes it to fifty so what was the point in family, wife and children.  I never wanted them to see me die like i saw you slip away.  I have nothing to leave behind but i'll live as long as this body will take me. I just want you to know there hasn't been a day since you left I haven't thought of you. I only wish i could of got to know you and you I.
    I'm 31 one now.  Ben has found love and has been with our "addopted" sister for nearly ten years.  Luke is very succesful and is as good as married to a lovely chap.  Tom has two kids and works the dust carts.  He's just like you, grumpy sod he is.  Mum remarried after around six years and is happy.  I don't thinkI ever wrote you a letter reguardless of all the times I have talked to you through tears. 
I wish I hadn't pretended to be asleep all those times you came home late from a night shift. 
              I love and miss you every  day.
                      Your third son.   

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