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Time to make some changes in my life

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crazihilary - 26-30 years old - male

Posted by crazihilary
on December 16th, 2012 at 4:49 AM

I was thinking of writing this from quite some time, but couldn't make it for many reasons. I kinda like postponing things, call it a laziness or i would say i wait until i get motivated enough to take it to another level.

I have been leading a normal life, i had few doses of motivational push through movies, magazines, books and documentaries to lead a higher life. From past few weeks the doses have increased. I also have witnessed a massive change in me, I was not a firm believer in God. Being a science student, i believe in scientific laws and phenomenon. I believe that everything what happen in this world has a scientific reason, most of them are known to mankind. We can recreate things almost anything but life. Take for example the tiny cells which make up the human body or any animal. Science has reached to a level that it can create every part of the cell but it is non functional till that last touch (divine touch) which makes it come alive.

I wonder what took so long for me to understand this, anyway I thank Dear Lord for finally making me believe in him. Now every morning I get up I thank God for showing me another day in my life. I have started conversing with him as an alternate to autosuggestion to lead me higher in my life. I am loving it..!!

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