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Boshie - 61-65 years old - female

Posted by Boshie
on December 16th, 2012 at 3:45 PM

                        I wanted my medical records, so I signed for them.  Man did I find a pack of lies about me, which made me look like a hypochondriac.
               I have concluded that doctors don't really like to write complete notes.  They expect their transcribers to look at what the last guy said about you
               then they embellish it a bit.       But what if you had a radical change in your body that didn't comply with what is going on now?  ER rooms certainly
               don't want to put in a change.   I finally put one to the test.  I told him that I'm going to go to a univerity hospital next week to a motion disorder
               specialist..         He asked,    "DO YOU HAVE ONE?    I looked him in the eye and asked him,  " Are you like all the other ER doctors and some
                Neurologists who look at me and can't see me and my condition?   I asked him "What is the opposite of Tonus?   He said ,"Clonus"     I asked him
                "Can  you see which one I am?"     He said,  "Yes I can see Clonus movements."  He put it in my record.... Thank you Dr. MacPherson.
                           My own doctor disagreed, he said  " I see fakery -  No Clonus"

                           From then on, every doctor and hospital,  evidently thinks I'm a gooid actress to be able to put on this exhibition, which is enough to send
                 anyone over the brink of desolation.  But I finally climbed out of my pit and decided to report this reaction to MedWatch,  the watchdogs of adverse
                reactions that have done this to so many people.  I refuse to hide anymore because someone has to be willing to stand up and say,  "THEY ARE
                MAKING TOO MANY BIG DOSES, AND THEY ARE RUINING MEN, WOMEN AND EVEN CHILDREN."     One specialist asked if she could
                video me on her Smart phone and share this with other doctors.   Yes you can.    A few months later, I saw that the drug company reduced the
                dose to 1/3rd of their former smallest dose.  .They are still going to hear from me, I just don't know how to approach them.   I have friends on EP
                 who are just like me. 
                             Well I'm going to see a Naturopatic doctor . tomorrow to see if there are certain  vitamins I should be taking.   I went to her in 2009 and she 
                made up a calming tincture for me.   So I only took it prn, and it lasted a long time.  I really think MDs  dislike NDs.  That's my confession.  

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  1. composer700 - 66-70 years old - male

    Posted by composer700 on December 30th, 2012 at 7:19 AM

    You are right. They do not like ND"s. How many doctors can you find that will tell you what your body has to much of or to little of? Knowing this might get you back on track. We all know it is easy to sell a pill that will treat anything, but might kill you. You are doing the right thing by searching for all the info you can get. Doc's don't listen because they are doc's and they know you better than you do. If you try the ND approach stick with the plan: it's life changing and if you stop the plan it may not work. Good luck and GOD bless.

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  2. Anonymous

    Reply by An EP User Apr 25th, 2015 at 7:55AM

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