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Posted by Anonymous
on December 16th, 2012 at 5:00 PM

How do you ignore the pain that you feel within your heart? How do you go on again and make a brand new start? How do you live your life and never care to look back? How do you forgive yourself for choosing to live like that?

Do you ever stop and think about what it might be like if somehow we could find a way to finally make it right? Do you ever get the feeling that you are falling in love again? Do you ever think that we could be more than just good friends?

Have you ever stopped to notice how much I really care? Have you ever been so hurt because, nobody was ever there? Have you ever thought about coming back and rekindling the flame? Have you ever hoped that we could be forever one and the same?

I know that I could never ignore the pain within my heart. I know that I could never proceed to make a brand new start. For without you I am nothing, my life doesn’t mean a thing. You are all that I have ever wanted, you are my everything. I wish to know where you are tonight and the way you feel inside. If only you could somehow see that part of me has died. Without you my world will continue to break, along with my heart and soul. Until you decide to come back to me, I will never be whole.

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