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Posted by Anonymous
on December 18th, 2012 at 4:08 PM

If it makes you happy, why are you so sad? Haven't I given you all that you desired? It takes two to love and it's not one way. Don't tell me otherwise because I know clearly a liar. Because I feel a distance and more of a resistance. Separated and neither one wants to talk. It takes two to love or let me say this here. If there's no answer, then this one here will walk. I feel that everyone but you can see this love. I know that you have others and take me for granted. It takes two to love and how you're tearing me apart. Your view of love, I'm learning clearly, it's slanted. So I've heard this song and dance for a long time. It hurts me more than you could ever think of. Can you look at me for one more time and show? Am I on your level baby?

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